Quality Service at an Honest Price

There is no such thing as a standard renovation package because there are simply too many variables.

I’m not trying to hide anything here either because no two jobs are going to be the same for a number of reasons.

For your peace of mind have your work performed by a Registered Master Builder.

We develop the new bathroom to meet your requirements.

Whilst we will not cut corners to quote a cheaper price, we can tell you that we keep our overheads low and do not employ commission sales people.

The renovation job that cost X for the guy down the street is going to be very different from the job you have in mind for us. We will work to ensure you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your job.

Why Experience Is Important…

Beautiful Bathroom by Woodville Bathroom Renovations FindonBathroom Renovation Solutions handles all kinds of repairs, upgrades and makeovers for bathrooms of all sizes and shapes. Some of the jobs are minor makeovers, whilst others have been major works.

We have been involved in total house restorations.

We receive great satisfaction from completing the job to a high standard.

The thing is, your neighbour’s bathroom renovation is not going to be anything like yours.

Bathrooms are not the same size, one has a shower and a tub where yours may have just room for a walk in shower. Double and single sinks, toilets and fixtures will all be different. Not to mention access under your house to get to the water lines and whatever else we end up doing to make your bathroom the one you have always desired.

Adelaide from Woodville, Glenelg, Findon, Semaphore and Prospect.

Our Personalized Consultation Service

Quality Woodville-bathroom-floor-tile AdelaideThe variables make comparisons difficult to price, but we aim to give each of our customers the best price possible on their renovation.

I’ll sit down with you and discuss your plans.

With our low overheads we are sure that you are satisfied with the pricing.

We’ll put together a concept, factor in the changes you want to make, discuss your budget and hammer out the details to your satisfaction. It’s you that we want happy with the complete process and the finished product.

Quality Bathroom Renovations Ferryden Croydon Park

Each job is different and so is the pricing. Everything we do saves you money by keeping my overhead low and by using wholesalers with quality product. Warranties are included.

At Bathroom Renovation Solutions we value the work we do. As much as we value the people we do it for.

It’s because of this that we work with you, keep costs down and still provide you with quality and value at a reasonable price.

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