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Entrust the Dedicated Experts from Bathroom Renovation Solutions With Your New Bathroom

Renovations and restorations are popular for a lot of reasons. In addition to adding comfort to everyday tasks including showering, bathing and personal grooming, they also add value to your home.

Adelaide from Woodville, Glenelg, Findon, Semaphore and Prospect.

Rather than undergoing the expense of moving house, consider hiring the experts to upgrade your bathroom, kitchen and laundry to add real value to your home.

Moreover, If your bathroom is outdated and in need of a new look, Bathroom Renovation Solutions are capable of making that transformation happen. Specializing in walk in showers, wall hung vanities and free-standing tubs.

Bathroom Renovation Solutions are also an Accredited Ardex waterproofing expert. We only use quality products and experienced tradesmen giving you peace of mind for years to come.

We Are Committed

Bathroom Renovation Solutions is committed to providing you with a top quality finished product using the best bathroom accessories, fixtures and supplies available. Treating each project as if it was in my own home, keeping an eye on detail, skilled craftsmanship, quality, pricing and value.

We want you to be proud of your new bathroom, showing it off whenever someone is over to visit. Bathrooms are constantly being upgraded and actually add value to your home. Bathroom Renovation Solutions make your investment something special with a brand new bathroom.

We Are Dedicated

Bathroom Renovation Solutions not only strives for making your bathroom the most attractive room in your home. We are dedicated experts that make your wish for a new bathroom come true. No two bathroom renovations are the same so what worked at our last job may not fit in yours.

That’s why we include our customers in the complete process from planning to designing right to the completion of the project. Your input is valuable and guides us and we are dedicated to creating the bathroom you want. Above all, not the one we think you want. Consequently, Bathroom Renovation Solutions are the most trusted and popular bathroom renovation company in the region.

Approved for the National Disability Insurance Scheme – (DSIS)

Bathroom Renovation Solutions are Approved by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (disability), as well as Mi Care for aged care modifications.

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We Guarantee Our Work

If we built it, repaired it or renovated it we will stand behind our work. Not only do we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your new bathroom when we finish the job. We will be happy to grant you a seven year warranty.

Bathroom Renovation Solutions are accredited Ardex Waterproofing experts. Delivering on our promise that your new bathroom will continue to keep you happy without problem for many years to come. Servicing all Adelaide’s West from Glenelg to Semaphore including Woodville and Prospect.

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